March 'Move More Hero' Cerian

05 April 2022

Congratulations to Cerian J. our next 'Move More Hero' who lives near Inwood Park. She joined the One You Hounslow challenge when we launched our first challenge back in 2019.

After being hit hard by the pandemic, being inactive and gaining weight she has noticed improvements in her health and wellbeing by being more active every day.

Here is what she said:

"When the pandemic started in 2020 and I had to work from home I did no exercise whatsoever. Walking from my desk to the kitchen and back was it. I put on over a stone in weight during that time. Since the relaunch of the One You Hounslow rewards I now go for 2 mile walks every day and on the weekends do as much as 6 mile walks. I've got my fitness back, and I'm enjoying the health benefits of being active every day.

What I like about the BetterPoints app is I can compete against myself, and watch my miles and points build up. I've recently had to go back to work and travel into the office, but I'm going to make some of that journey partly by tube then a mile walk each way to the office and back, to make sure I get my steps in."- Cerian J. from Hounslow

How can you be a 'Move More Hero' and win 25,000 BetterPoints?

Tell us your story of how you have become more active to be in with a chance of winning the monthly prize. Complete the Move More Survey in the app and explain how it has made a difference to your healthy habits, lifestyle and those around you. We will pick one winner each month to share their success with fellow app users. 

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