We bridge the gap between public transit and public health

Our Smart Travel packages give local authorities, health trusts and universities the tools to incentivise healthy changes in behaviour among their staff and constituents.

They enable you to break down the barriers to healthy, active transport such as walking and cycling and sustainable travel options such as using public transport and car-sharing.

  • Increase the number of public transport and car-sharing journeys
  • Increase the number of walking and cycling activities
  • Improve local air quality by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Identify and track the use of transport routes
  • Reduce the strain of car-parking and congestion
  • Raise awareness and promote travel initiatives directly to people's phones
  • Motivate and help people increase physical activities linking improvement to both mental and physical wellbeing.

Smart Community Travel

Smart Community Travel equips local authorities to reach their staff and local communities with behaviour change interventions for meeting their sustainability and active transport goals.

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Smart NHS Travel

Smart NHS Travel helps NHS Trusts and CCGs overcome the unique sustainable travel and healthy activity challenges they face, such as motivating staff and patients to be more active for the benefit of their mental and physical health, reducing driving-related accidents on hospital premises and tackling the pressure on parking spaces and local congestion.

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Smart Uni Travel

Smart Uni Travel gives Higher Education institutions a platform for motivating staff and students to travel more sustainably, relieve pressure on parking, reduce congestion in the local community and contribute to meeting the UN's Sustainability Goals.

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None of these packages suitable? Talk to us! 

Our system can support any behaviour change programme you can dream of.

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