Martin walks his way to weight loss

05 August 2022

Why Martin is a Move More Hero?

At BetterPoints we like to bring you stories from our users who track their activities in the app, and see improvements in their health and wellbeing as a result.

Recently we heard from participant Martin who works for the London Borough of Hounslow Council. He is a keen cyclist and would probably be considered an 'active' person. But was increasingly aware that despite being active he needed to lose a bit of weight to help his longer-term health.

The One You Hounslow Staff Challenge launched in November 2021 and after the lockdowns due to the pandemic Martin decided to make some changes, get fitter and lose a bit of weight that had crept on.

Here is what he said about joining the challenge and how it has helped him:

“I started going for walks in the morning before work with my brother. We would vary the distance, and have always aimed to fit in around 10k steps before our working day. This means we have to get up early to get our walking in, but the health benefits of making that change are paying off. It’s a such nice start to my day."

Martin has lost over two stone in weight and clocked up 594 walks covering 783 miles since joining BetterPoints. To reward his efforts, he has traded in some of the points he has earned over the last nine months for lots of Costa Coffee vouchers.

"Another one of my favourite things to do is go for coffee with my brother. Earning the Costa vouchers via BetterPoints has certainly motivated me to walk further!"

We also asked him what he likes about using the app:

"I do use a few apps, and each have bits which others don’t.  BetterPoints is really good at showing you the CO2 saved for your journeys and the rewards on offer. Living in Hounslow with busy roads and high traffic area, we all need to consider making some changes. Using our cars less and walking daily is a great way to help the air quality in the Borough and get fitter. I really enjoy getting a coffee once in a while as a treat, thanks!" – Martin from Hounslow

Thank you for sharing your story Martin, we definitely think you deserve to be a Move More Hero!

How can you take part?

If you live in the Borough of Hounslow this BetterPoints challenge is automatically available to you when you download the app. If you work for the London Borough of Hounslow make sure you sign up with you work email address and join in the staff challenge too.

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